Training Camp

Training Camp: Onsite/Online

Onsite Training Camp

A running event of the intense nature that Snow Marathon Lahaul is made up of, requires a fair amount of dedication, devotion and of course training, to say the least. While all serious long-distance runners train all their lives, but running in winters, that too in snowed and iced over conditions in the high-altitude environs of Trans-Himalaya requires that extra factor from any runner on the planet. Keeping this in mind, we have crafted an onsite 5N6D Snow Marathon Training and Acclimatization Camp, at Sissu, Lahaul, from 4th - 09th March 2025, to help you take on well the challenges of Snow Marathon Lahaul. The training camp, which will be led by running and high- altitude experts, will deal with the nuances of snow and ice running in mountains, and include preparations for fitness and an appropriate diet, besides a host of other things. Training Camp Schedule

  • 04 Mar - Day 1: Arrival at Sissu, check-in into Training Camp. Training Briefing and Rest.
  • 05 Mar - Day 2: Acclimatization walk of 3-5 km.
  • 06 Mar - Day 3: Training Run of 3-10 km on a section of race route + Training Workshop
  • 07 Mar - Day 4: Training Run of 3-10 km on a section of race route + Training Workshop
  • 08 Mar - Day 5: Rest + Race Briefing + Coaching talk
  • 09 Mar - Day 6: Checkout and Race Day
  1. All boarding and lodging for 5N6D
  2. All meals and refreshments
  3. All training modules and workshops
  4. Complementary pick and drop from Manali Volvo Stand
  1. Any travel to and fro from Sissu
  2. Race Registration Fees
  3. Any other expenses other than towards boarding, lodging and training
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Online Training Camp

The online training camp is crafted by the highly experienced long distance running trainers – All In Running – which has helped individuals over the years to meet their running and active life sports goals. This highly personalised and extensive training camp spreads over five weeks and can be tailor-made to suit the needs of any kind of runner, be it professional, amateur or a beginner. This training period is ideal for those who are serious about not only running in Snow Marathon Lahaul but want that added help and be propelled in the right direction in the world of long-distance running. This training camp will prepare you well step by step, so that on the day of the Snow Marathon, you are perhaps more equipped than others to come on top of the race.

Online Training Camp