3rd Edition

3rd Edition

The 3rd Edition of the Snow Marathon, originally slated for the 10th of March 2024 in Lahaul, faced a formidable challenge as the Trans-Himalayan region grappled with heavy snowfall. In the days leading up to the event, all roads became impassable, buried under layers of snow. Undeterred by the inclement weather and logistical hurdles, the organizing team diligently surveyed the running circuit.

By the time the snowfall ceased on the 4th of March, Lahaul was enveloped in a pristine thick 6ft blanket of snow, triggering a series of avalanches in the region, blocking the main highways. The situation on the ground became increasingly daunting, making even basic mobility in the deep snow seemingly impossible. In a bid to salvage the marathon, the team sought assistance from the Border Roads Organization (BRO) to not only clear the roads but also create a viable running track. Optimism prevailed initially, but as days passed, the challenges escalated.

A final reconnaissance on the 8th of March, standing at the North Portal of Atal Tunnel, painted Lahaul as impregnable. Swift decisions were taken, dispatching three teams to explore alternative locations on this side of the Himalayas. By evening, Jana in Kullu emerged as the optimal choice, considering various factors, with the primary one being the snow conditions. The daunting task of relocating and organizing the event in a single day loomed large, exacerbated by the encasement of most ground team members in snow at Sissu.

This year there were more than 200 runners from across India and abroad, including veterans. There were 25 runners from Indian Navy and 15 from Indian Army, besides people from all walks of life, the youngest runner being 10-year-old Ethan.

Despite these challenges, a sense of determination prevailed, and a swift decision was made to shift the marathon to the picturesque Jana. Commencing pickups on 10th March for all runners at 0400Hrs, everyone turned up in full strength. The Full Marathon kicked off at 0600Hrs, followed by the remaining categories with an interval of one hour each.

In the face of steep gradients and challenging snow trails, all runners exhibited remarkable resilience. The Runners of Ladakh Scouts were the show-stealers for sure. Tenzin Dolma won the Snow Marathon for consecutive third time! The audience fervently cheered each participant, culminating in a joyous 1km run that marked the triumphant conclusion of this extraordinary event. The Jana-Bijli Mahadev route touched everyone's heart for sure. The 3rd edition of the Snow Marathon saw the continued support of esteemed partners since its inception, including Fortis Hospital Mohali for vital medical care, Himachal Tourism as the Tourism Partner, Campus Shoes as the Running Partner, Fast&Up for Nutrition, and Bonn for Energy. Polaroid served as the Eyewear Partner, while Youngear and Gokyo were the awards partners. Radio Orange and Bharat Express played pivotal roles as Media Partners.


Full Marathon

  • FM Men Winner: Shabbir Hussain: 3:58:21
  • FM Men Runner Up: Shabir Hussain: 3:58:22
  • FM Women Winner: Tenzin Dolma: 4:35:15

Half Marathon

  • HM Men Winner: Tsewang Namgdam: 1:29:14
  • HM Men Runner Up: Rajiv: 1:34:13
  • HM Women Winner: Hemlata: 2:45:58
  • HM Women Runner Up: Shabnam: 2:52:44


  • 10K Men Winner: Jigmet Stubdan: 00:48:47
  • 10K Men Runner Up: Stanzin Phundsog: 00:50:15
  • 10K Women Winner: Sakshi: 00:48:48
  • 10K Women Runner Up: Sonam Stanzin: 01:12:52

5K Men

  • 5K Men Winner: Arman Thakur: 00:36:13
  • 5K Men Runner Up: Dalip: 00:38:24
  • 5K Women Winner: Priti: 00:40:23
  • 5K Women Runner Up: Usha Atiru: 00:56:27